Valputställning i Flyinge 11/11

Syskonklass med Scarlights Tiger,Tilda och Tequila 1 HP bästa klass

tiger tilda tequila 1 hp bästa klass valputställning flyinge 181111


Juniorklass Scarlights Hero BIR och Scarlights Hulda BIM

hero bir hulda bim juniorklass 181111


Scarlights Hero

hero 181111


Scarlights Hamilton

hamilton 181111


Scarlights Tiger BIM Valpklass

tiger bim valpklass 181111

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Namn: Cecelia Link-von Link SS
Tidpunkt: 2018-12-04 18:27
I am looking to start showing Standard Schnauzer again. I previously had bred, trained, groomed and showed Standard Schnauzers in USA and Canada for 45 years. After several years of illnesses, I am wishing to start again. Do you have a show quality pup or young adult, you might consider selling to me or placing with me for a time?

:) ;) :D :( :O :P :| :S